"We're very happy with the ad results and the great placement we've received. I see the publication everywhere! And we can identify a good amount of traffic coming from our web banner. You guys do an excellent job!" -James Kampas, Desert Art Center

" I loved the ad and response has been great! Thank you!" -Jeannette, J Charnay Salon Studio

"Just to let you know, my painting that was in the magazine before...A lady from the East coast saw it in Palm Springs. There was a copy of the magazine where she was staying. She contacted me and bought it. " - Tricia Skoglund, artist

"The overall quality and features of the publication are superb!" - Mark Patnode, artist

"We all reviewed the ad at Art Walk last night. Everyone was duly impressed. Lots of positive feedback. The magazine is a very elegant publication and I’m glad we are a part of it. " - John Stewart, artist

"Art Walk was a hit….everyone like the magazine and I probably only have about 10 left. Please have more dropped off if you can." - Robert Holton, Gallery Owner and artist.

"The entire magazine beats the pants off every other art magazine around." - Mary M.

"A great publication for a fantastic town, Very helpful for new comers" - Richard Wynne