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Precious Metals

written by Linda L. McAllister photos courtesy of  A La Mod, Palm Springs   Artist JOHN DE LA ROSA Welds Worthless Scraps into Brutally Raw Objects of Beauty John De La Rosa finds beauty in the scaly, pockmarked and degraded metal shards that others see as scrap. As a welder in...
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Forestry & Iconography The Golden State’s Eucalyptus Culture

written by Grove Koger images from Laguna Beach and the Greenbelt the new book “Celebrating a Treasured Historic American Landscape” Were they a good idea? A bad idea? Over the past few decades Californians have had sharply differing opinions about them, but they certainly seemed like a good idea at...
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A Passion for Native Art – Collectors Ron and Fran Chilcote

written by Liz Goldner photographed by Tom Lamb Collecting art and supporting indigenous people are nearly synonymous for Ron and Fran Chilcote. The couple have traversed our planet, living for extended periods in Brazil, Chile, Spain and Portugal. And throughout their travels, they have acquired art, artifacts and furnishings,...
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